Matilda Mother Testo

Testo Matilda Mother

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
There was a king who ruled the land
His Majesty was in command
with silver eyes the scarlet eagle
showered silver on the people
Oh mother tell me more
Why'd you have to leave me there
hanging in my infant chair
You only have to read the lines
they're scribbled in black and everything shines
Across the stream with wooden shoes
bells to tell the king the news
a thousand misty riders climb up
higher once upon a time
Wandering and dreaming
the words had different meanings
yes they did
For all the time spent in that view
the doll's house darkness' old perfume
and fairy-stories held me high
on clouds of sunlight floating by
Oh mother tell me more
tell me more
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