Pigs (Three Different Ones) Testo

Testo Pigs (Three Different Ones)

The Voice, J-Ax lascia il programma: "Lancia talenti che non venderanno mai"
Big man, pig manHa, ha, charade you areYou well heeled big wheelHa, ha, charade you areAnd when your hand is on your heartYou're nearly a good laughAlmost a jokerWith your head down in the pig binSaying 'Keep on digging'Pig stain on your fat chinWhat do you hope to findDown in the pig mine?You're nearly a laughYou're nearly a laughBut you're really a cryBus stop rat bagHa, ha, charade you areYou fucked up old hagHa, ha, charade you areYou radiate cold shafts of broken glassYou're nearly a good laughAlmost worth a quick grinYou like the feel of steelYou're hot stuff with a hatpinAnd good fun with a hand gunYou're nearly a laughYou're nearly a laughBut you're really a cryHey you, WhitehouseHa, ha, charade you areYou house proud town mouseHa, ha, charade you areYou're trying to keep our feelings off the streetYou're nearly a real treatAll tight lips and cold feetAnd do you feel abused?You got to stem the evil tideAnd keep it all on the insideMary you're nearly a treatMary you're nearly a treatBut you're really a cry