The Gold It's In The... Testo

Testo The Gold It's In The...

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Come on, my friends, let's make for the hills
they say there's gold and I'm looking for thrills
you can get your hands on whatever we find
' cause I've only come along for the ride

Well you go your way and I'll go mine
I don't care if we get there on time
everybody's searching for something, they say
I'll get my kicks on the way

Over the mountains, across the sea
who knows what may be waiting for me
I could sail forever to strange sounding names
faces of people and places don't change

All I have to do is just close my eyes
to see the seagulls wheeling in the far distants skies
all I wanna tell you, all I wanna say
is count me in on the journey, don't expect me to stay
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