The Narrow Way Testo

Testo The Narrow Way

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Flowing in the path
as it leads toward the darkness in the north
weary stranger's faces show their sympathy
they've seen that home before

If you wanna stay for a little bit
rest your aching limbs for a little bit
before you can find his private room
and you can't delay
hear the nightbirds calling him
to care and catch the words to say
close by in the nightmare of your brain

Misty swelling creatures crawling
hear the roar get louder in your ears
you know the volume as you're on the force
behind can't conquer all your fears

All your birds aren't really listening
tell them there is life with every morning
perhaps today you can when you answer me
it's clear, it's all nights warning
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