Wot's... Uh Deal Testo

Testo Wot's... Uh Deal

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Heaven sent the promised land
looks alright from where I stand
' cause I'm the man on the outside looking in
waiting on the first step
show me where the key is kept
point me down the right line ' cause it's time

To let me in from the cold, turn my lead into gold
' cause there's a chill wind blowing in my soul
and I think I'm growing old

Flash...the red is...wot's...uh deal
got to make it to the next meal
try to keep up with the turning of the wheel
mile after mile, stone after stone
you turn to speak but your alone
million miles from home you're on your own
Fly kite by candle light
with her by my side
wish she prefers we never stirr again
someone sent the promised land
well I grabbed it with both hands
now I'm the man on the inside looking out

Hear me shout, come on in
what's the news, where you've been
' cause there's no wind left in my soul and I've grown old
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