Nothing From You Testo

Testo Nothing From You

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Throw away glory and now your life's a story, should have done what you'd been told

Sixty million people, think they've got an equal, grip on the pot of gold

I hate to be the one to spoil you people's fun but it's time to break the mould

Start singing for your supper, stop relying on your mother, take a step out into the cold

Pre Chorus

In these towns there's revolutions, new generations coming through

Kids with guitars and their limits the stars, start of something new


No need to scream no need to shout

You wanna have some restraint and stop freaking out

Closing your eyes won't help you to disappear

Still singing along to the same old tune
My fingers are crossed that you'll change it soon
Don't waste my time with things I don't want to hear

It's come to my attention that you might want to mention things that make your world go round
Obsessed about possessions we've not learnt our lessons maybe we should write it down
Doors of opportunities just ain't what they used to be, now you hear a slamming sound
Choose the DRUG of the nation, join your FRIENDS on probation, make yourself the pride of the town

Pre Chorus


We don't want nothing from you so you might as well take it back x 7
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