Violence Testo

Testo Violence

I will hold you tight to take your breath away
you will feel the violence of my heart
the anger of my lips on you
the weight of my eyes on your naked body

I'll rape all of your imagination
I'll tear down all your defences one by one

Undeniably deep desire
the charm of things known to be wrong
and the purity of joy
like banging drums in the deep of night
very deep wounds that never close at all
by silence or distance

I'll pray all your Gods to leave your soul to me
I'll break all your silences with all the noise I can make

I wish I could depend on you
move so slow I could watch you grow
never really care about anything else at all

what makes the earth rotate and change
what makes you disappear or stay
what it takes to give one life as a gift

you don't judge the sun for shining
you don't judge the sea for being blue
it's nature, it's violence, it's my life with you
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