Carry Me Testo

Testo Carry Me

Please stay with me, baby
Despite my shortcomings
And all of my failings,
You know I deserve it
Give me one more chance
To change myself.

I complain about your
Strange behaviour,
How dare can I tell you
What you have to do,
Got no power on you
And none on mine,
And I loose temper,
I've got a bad nasty temper.

I try to do things that
I've never done before,
It's hard to go back on
Things I've already done,
I keep going this way
Feelings have to be shown,
And I'm a loser,
I'm just a bad acting loser.

With my daily routine
The only thing I wait for
is being with you again,
so please understand me,
Give me one more chance
to change myself.

Please condone me,
Hug me,
Forget all my complains,
Forgive me if you can,
You know I reward it
Give me one more chance
To change myself
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