D/E/A/D Testo

Testo D/E/A/D

Here's the jury.
I realize the masquerade,
they know the verdict as much as I do:
too poor to be defended with dignity.
I'm the perfect scapegoat of society.
My lawyer is not working on my case but on his reputation,
I'd better hope.
They hate my face and do not consider evidence is found everywhere,
darkness in the air.
On the death row.

15 years I've been stuck in jail,
for 15 years I've been waiting for the d-day.
Maybe tomorrow I'll be facing my deeds,
I'll be seeing in their eyes sadness and hatred.
Convinced deep inside I was a murderer
but struggling to show I wasn't guilty.
These right men they do not care,
obviously they must find someone to blame.
On the death row.

Eventually they're gonna have what they want,
but does this legal murder make them feel better ?
On the death row.
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