The Theory Of Obscurity Testo

Testo The Theory Of Obscurity

Even if I am busted,
even if I haven't got any dough,
I'm keen on hanging around,
and I know lots of things for ripping off.
I wanna paint the town red,
let loose, hit the town, just hang around,
Go to honky tonk or beach bar,
never leave before the night cap.

Bite the wall, stop taking the shit out of me.

Ring me up, gimme a buzz,
hang on, hold on I'll be back.
What's up mate, everything's fine,
so now what is the plan for tonight?
Chuck it man, mellow out,
that's no biggie, just chill out;
Haul ass, on the ball, let's jam,
we're gonna have some fun tonight.

Bite the wall, stop taking the shit out of me
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