Whatever They Said Testo

Testo Whatever They Said

We were there on stage, playing, jumping,
And we gave out best,
Not to win, just to bring some fun
To people who where there.
And they gave us back
The best reward we could ever had.
They showed us our goal was reached
Cause they liked what we'd done.

But some drunk guys that had the power this night
Decided we weren't good enough.
Abusing of their fleeding power,
They declared we were loser.

For sure we weren't
The best musicians of the show.
For sure the others
Had played far much better.
But I think we gave
Something the others didn't give,
We made people move, jump and shout.

But these drunk guys that had the power this night
Had declared we weren't good enough.
But whatever they could say,
People had chosen us by shouting
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