Addicted Testo

Testo Addicted

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Intoxicated world. boys and girls
Deal me up another hit of self mutilation
And let me blow my brains. go insane
Throw it in my face and watch me chase it
Stimulate, wide awake
Need to stop this pain inside my head
Cause it's laughing at me
Injection, explosion.
Burning as it surges through my veins

I'm addicted to all the colors that I see
That you hold in front of me
You have changed me
Why do I love you when I know you're wrong?

Over and overindulges in anyone or anything
That makes you feel so alive
I am electrified. I'm so high
Numb to all of you who are just out to get me
Fascinate, magic state
Cast a spell and maybe I might forget who I am
Cowardess, selfishness
Thank you for letting us watch you die


Liar! you are a liar!

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