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Testo Higher

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I can see the unthinkable beyond visions and dreams.
some interpret the signs it’s all a mystery to me
but my faith sees the invisible,
looks into the soul that come across the unseen
am I blind or do I see for the first time
in a world of hate where love’s denied
but my faith believes the impossible
here for the taking so I’m ready to go

higher – a place I’ve only imagined
higher – farther than I’ve ever gone
higher – it’ll all make sense when I get there
all the things I know and the things I don’t
I’m standing on my own

this unparalleled life is a gift and not my own
so I keep on walking through the valley of the unknown
my faith redeems the most despicable,
low life, no good man like me
my life is sketched out on these pages like a map
been good, I’ve been bad but it shows you where I’m at
look real close, it’ll show you how to find
the treasure of your soul, one love divine


if that’s all that you have to give
(is that all you have to give)
take me higher. I want to go higher
go ahead. I won’t settle for less
take me higher. I want to go higher
so you can do what you want
and say what you want
live how you want
and die how you want
but this faith has put my mind at ease,
souls at peace & my spirit flies free!

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