Buried Alive Testo

Testo Buried Alive

No interest to breathe
Heart too numb to beat
Too late to resuscitate the living dead
Hasn't slept in days
Drunk, hallucinates
And for a moment everything seems worthwhile

Unplugging from it all
Waiting for the fall to end it all

So frustrated and long gone to a bitter place
He never made it
Painted his yesterdays with songs of suicide
Buried alive
Tired and jaded of the hell he can't erase
They never faded away
Those empty days he never could abide
Buried alive

Feeling less and less
Safe in loneliness
Self esteem drowned in a bottle
Dressed in apathy
Flushed out sanity
The countdown of his days is down to zero

Letting go of it all
Waiting for the fall to end it all
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