Harbors Testo

Testo Harbors

Save your words, ill let them float into the harbor
Is it hard when you run from what haunts you?
Decisions, you cant make one to save your life
And I can't help you I tried
How does it feel when you can't find the words to say
We lie in wait and dwell on things that we cannot change
There's no answer
I thought I knew you, but lately I don't know myself
Begin to question, when the things you care for dissipate
There's so much distance and confusion it burdens me
It wasn't all your fault; I know some of it was me
Was there a way to save this sinking ship?
Or did we care too much about what other people said
Are we still drowning in this?
Are we still?
Cant save what doesn't exist
Are we still?
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