Transparent Smiles Testo

Testo Transparent Smiles

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
Nothings changing, where did it go wrong?
All these scars, keep thinking it's your fault
A fucked up head, I see it in your eyes
Just empty promises a smile is your disguise
I cant sit by pretending its alright you try to escape,
Try and get away
So sit back, you think that theirs no other way
I've tried to help you, but you keep going back to him
When will you see, that you cant help him anymore?
How many times before you finally leave?
I can't sit by pretending it's all right
You tried to leave but you came from this
The scars you can't hide I see them in your eyes
One day you'll have the leave
What is changing, his words don't mean a thing
You keep on saying one day he'll change.
What is changing his words don't mean a thing
All I know is what he did was wrong
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