The First Waltz Testo

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Testo The First Waltz

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Well I have grown a few inches
Since you came under sea
But the list I'm making
Of stuff I stole from you
Is getting obscene

'Cause I don't even know when I'm lying
And I don't even know why I'm trying

There's that junky little monster
It's as pink as your mouth
And I declare that I don't care about one thing that's coming out

'Cause I can't take the bad with the good
And no one around me really thinks that I should

I've never felt more alone than when I'm in your arms
I've never felt more alone than when I'm in your arms

And the exits out of this place are slowly boarded up
But life in here gets easier as I learn when to duck
But I never get my timing just right
So I'm sleeping with one eye open tonight
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