What's Free Is Yours Testo

Testo What's Free Is Yours

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
So maybe this is what it's like
to not remember what it's like
not having you around
and I don't believe
you'd be here if you could
but then again
you never said you would
I make up promises you never made
to waste space and time
and make like I'm doing fine
make like I'm having a fun time

out of my heart
so I feel nothing
so I can't get hurt
so I won't care anymore
I'll be fine if I never feel a thing again
I'll be even better I'll be all the better
then & only then

come and take away my want
it doesn't matter what I want
I hear lobotomies are free these days
I doubt now
your gestures are sincere
you goddamn piece of shit broken mirror
I don't know what I want
or what I've got

what's free is yours
I don't care if you break my heart
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