Hurricane Testo

Testo Hurricane

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
Hurricane blown my way
thunder ands lightning and clouds
there's no turning back
from all the wind and the rain.
Winds of change are comin thru
ever since i looked at you
i knew then and there
that i was lost in your storm
we were meant to come together
like a raging hurricane
can you feel the force
of love about to explode.
Caught in a storm of love and it's no illusion
it's got me hypnotized and it wont let go
it's getting closer
and i can't holdon now
here comes the cyclone
and it's much too strong now.
It feels so good to be high
soaring away in the wind
love take me somewhere
where i can be free again.
Here it comes to take me
and it wont be long now
the winds of freedom
hear them scream and rage now
it's getting closer
and i can't hold on now
here comes the cyclone
and it's much too strong now.
Hurricane blown in to mine.
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