Tera Iz Him Testo

Testo Tera Iz Him

[Intro: P.R. Terrorist]
Yeah, Terrorist shit, Terrorist shit, what?
Bring that shit, walk that shit
Don't even talk that shit, nigga

[P.R. Terrorist]
You must be on crack, cocaine's, yo my name in vain
I got slugs for days, surrounded by my German gun frame
It's like, ever since my brother died, I ain't been the same
Every cat wit a thug gat, get's held for blame
Everytime I aim, I'm takin' off a chunk of the brain
Somebody in this world gon' feel my pain
Know what I'm sayin'? No, you don't know what the fuck I'm sayin'
Try'nna relate, but your sword play wasn't up to date
We went back, when I was rockin' demo's on tapes
Try'nna escape, from livin' my life behind the gate
Fenced in, deep contention, not to mention men on thirst
Tongues hangin' out, try'nna be my friend
Never rock like that, never got down like that
So how the fuck you gonna ask me, can you borrow my gat
So you can stab me in my back and walk away wit my mack
Go to your man's, tell a story, smokin' a sack
Now you juk out the pocket of my Tommy Hill' jack'
Story gotta be fiction, don't seem like a fact

[Chorus: P.R. Terrorist]
Cuz Tera Iz Him, Terrorist, hijack
Throw you out of plane, put a hole in your back
Take your chain, take your watch, take your bitch and your stack
Extort you quietly, near the exit in the back
That's what you get, black, for even thinkin' of that, thinkin' of that

[Interlude: sample]
...the tapes, let me show you a few of the other contents
That are involving into the tragic comedy
My organization just recently traced an origin...

[P.R. Terrorist]
Survivalist, survived off the street liveness
Cautioness, hazardous, in case they try to tamper wit this
Wit fabulitionists, killa physician, this track like an abortion
Fill the force of this full extortion
Costin' you to pay attention, I'm in a street dimension
Rap polician convention, connectin'
You been retired, to page your pension
Lyrics made extreme comprehension, mind extending
Like trigger finger when it's bended
Snakes be try'nna blend in, this righteous path, you can't get in
But now we spittin', my deadly venoms hear 'em at the melon
Heads be swollen like glands when the cold is coming
Niggas be runnin' like scattered mice, into the holes when NARC's is coming

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: movie sample]
...he's scheduled for six minutes next
He's going on the French, British, Italian, Japanese television
He been everywhere, I started to listen to him
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