Chris Benoit You A G Testo

Testo Chris Benoit You A G

This goes out to you, Canadian Crippler, Africa to Asia, North America, South America, bumblefuck New Guinea-EGYPT SON
We gonna remember you for life, so rest in peace.
You did what you had to do, sometimes that's just what it does, you feel me?

Chris Benoit you a G,
that's easy to see.
killed your whole family,
why won't they let you be?

Straight explode out the ring, roid rage in his eyes,
head home to tuck in his kids and his wife.

Crossed faced cripple ya,
kid didn't even know.
Thought his dad had jokes,
now he's just choked.

Leave him lying dead in his bed,
Leave the good book lying next to his head.

No more elbows off the ropes,
no more crossface wings,
no more kicks to the groin.
no more kicks to the groin!

I hope they let you wrestle in hell.
Touching guys for a career,
you canadian queer!
You and hitler tag team champs.
You doin' the hangman,
and he's suckin' on your thang man!

You canadian queer, why he suckin' on your thang? You canadian queer..mothefucker.

You, Owen Hart,
and the real macho man,
heard you fucked Jeffery Dalmer
'cos he's your biggest fan!

You ill as fuck, for mercin' up your seed,
and strong-armin' your wife.
Straight killin' the mothefuckers.

Raw like roid rage, like streaks of rage,
like one through three,
bitches try to get dirty with him.
Leave 'em bleed, leave 'em lying on the mat.

Say it mothefucker, say it mothefucker, tap!

Daniel just wouldn't give up,
mothefucker never taps out, even when he's
His dad had him in the crossface.

That bitch had \"Fuck you dad, i'll take the straight disgrace,
'cos you a merc bitch, and you ain't even my father,
'cos my mother Susan been fuckin' paul bearer.\"
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