Autobiography of Mistachuck Testo

Testo Autobiography of Mistachuck

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran

To all the critics*that had me counted out*and to all the cynics*I fought & Thought*they had me figured out*who opened doors on 32 tours*from last year's GIVE IT UP go'in*back to YOU'RE GONNA GET YOURS*38 countries in the name of hip hop*never stopped*7 Continents*attackin governments*political rhyme practice*I gave cause you lack this*serious sense of time*and world geographics*bring ya brain outside philly*east to west*north to south*if you're black we can't all be*Big Willie*and to be judged by a hit*by some counterfeit click*that's some bell curve shit*cause I'm cool like this*now how I get my swerve on*I keep hittin nerve bombs*relax the saluting arms carry on carry on*my record speaks for itself*never stopped the hip hop*and I never jumped backwards*or kissed myself

Verse II
Can't win without beginning it*heed the word of the brother*and the voice that got muscles in it*now Im'ma show you a waste*is a terrible thing to mind*rhymes without education*equals butter from the gutter*all this talk about the street*we stay in & playin is a fishtank*created by the hated you thank*you say ho hum*another story to bore me*Maria take a letter*tell Mayor*have a freeknik in Marietta*here comes the halfstepper*hypocrites and advocates*who care*but be crashin like US Air*the last Bohemian but you'll never see me intoxicated*by bones in drug zones I hate it*one on one black CNN*keep it from bein in the cartoon network*the rhymes can hurt* as well as do work*4th quarter got you lookin for the loot*black race down to the run & shoot*down 50 cents to the cracker*so for all y'all getz blacker

Verse III
I don't care for Range Rovers*cause to me*the price is too high*and I feel em gettin over*Land Cruisers*Issuzus or new shoes*man dem notes is heavy*that's why I got a couple Chevies*low budget I am believe me*when I speak it*Limousine ain't shit unless*they let me keep it*I duck the cakewalk*and all dat talk*about what's fatter*West coast north south or New York*it don't matter
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