Notice (Know This) Testo

Testo Notice (Know This)

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
[Chuck D]
No disrespect
To the rap heroes
The late great otis
Know this
In this time heres a part time rhyme
Respect to you two heroes
But trickle down got us less than zero
Respect , but last I checked
Prison industrial complex
No swagger
Millions, billions trillions'
Whips wheelin
Is a million miles to what peoples feelin
No gas
Try a lil compassion
2012 fashion
Style your insides
We outside
Fasten a broke seat belt
Unemployed ride thru hell
Smdh omg no lol

Know this
Have you forgotten
Latinos and blacks
Pickin electronic cotton
No stax
Is depression inside a recession
Spend money and time
On hair and how we dressing
Losin homes, holmes
These stats be on smart phones
Don't need new slang to express the pain
Of whats really goin
In the real game of life
And now what?
Please discuss
With no education
Knowledge of self
45 years of fkd up health
Like otis
Know this
Teach em when you reach em
Yall the heroes..
Know this
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