Run Til It's Dark Testo

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Testo Run Til It's Dark

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Bomb drop designed as
A warning shot
Cause some of us don't check statistics
Kick it
40or so so million blacks in america
How can 13.5% of the population be scaring ya
88% of us cites are black
95% of americas suburbs are white
But 10% of blacks are 50% white
But post racial politics
Tricks and lessens the fight
Education economics enforcement of law
The gaps the ratio even
Worse than before obama baby
The truth is america
Will show you the door,

Survey says
Run till its dark

Truth hurts
Makes me curse in this fight the power church
Stole history from everybody
Sellin lies at the tea party
Survey says peeps fed up with the feds
40 acres to 40 yards to 40 feet
Might as well be sleep
Down laid out 6 feet....
Deep respect
Not yet
You gotta give it to get
Survey says
You gotta learn to earn way beyond your check
Lovable as huggin a bull
Thats some bull
Gotta lotta pull
Whats the use
If you tie the noose
And love the abuse?
Hanging yourself while you loving the loot
DJ lord knock it
Outta the park

Survey says
Run till its dark
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