Find Another Fool Testo

Testo Find Another Fool

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
I should have learned this lesson long ago That friends and lovers always come and go And now you claim that everything's "O.K.", but I've got just one thing to say... Why don't you... Find another (find another) Find another fool to love you Find another (find another) Find another fool to love you Find another...find another...find another love you To love you...find another..... I don't believe that I deserve this ride Youtook me for my very heart and pride You let me down...and now your hand is out Well, here's some...spare can count Repeat Chorus You pulled this pulled it twice It's time you listened to my davice....oh, baby I'd never take advantage of our love I can't imagine what you're thinkin' of You're over think this storm is through.. Well, baby, I've got news for you Repeat Chorus

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