Elements I'm Among Testo

Testo Elements I'm Among

["Sunset Park" soundtrack]

Booty rappers posin' as gunclappers get bitch smacked...need to switch To bein'
Actors, image is all ya after, ho galacta in the lip, the clappers and The clips will
Flip a flow like divine be turnin' tricks. Ima take mine wactha like When the beat
Come soft, I leave darkness where there used to be your front teeth. I'm Heartless,
When it comes to havin' the back of my partners, yeah we artists but Testin' us ain't
The smartest. You can huff, puff, but blow me down I doubt it kid, or Get yo' ass
Whooped behind what ya mouth did. You need more "Hail Mary's" than a Catholic,
Yo ass aint slick I'll mess your shit quick. I got connects, I get stuck Like glue stand
To the F you I had to make it so your parents forget you. Cause if I let You get
Over and then I pass you, think you can do it on a reg so Ima wreck you.

Elements that I'm among, these none. Fools be gettin' done, but over Dumb
Reasons. Yall didnt Know. Elements that I'm among, these none. Betta Check it out
Before you become one. Elements that I'm among, these none. Fools be Gettin'
Done, but over dumb reasons. Yall didnt Know. Elements that I'm among, These
None. Betta check it out before you become one.

Now you said no tricks in '86 it's time to build, now we gone be pushin' '96 and
Niggas still gotta kill. Tryin to keep it real... but is it really real?
If you could fly Is it? Get between my legs, you fuckin kid you'd be the man but hold ya Head.
Because if a fifth was a fifth we all be drunk... nigga dont, put no Yayo in my
Blunt. I just, wanna bring the funk like a puma.. yo wannabe niggas is Fired or be
The ill reputed. You throw shade, I throw it too, more than you can Chew... I get
Back at you, lyrically hack at you. I keep the facts here, I keep it Real hell yeah, I
Keep the facts there, dont make me hate you like a papsmear, thats Where, I get
Ticked, matter fact in the '96 I'm also pistol grip pump on my lap at All times shit.
Niggas be on some black on black crime shit. And I can't let it slide Cause I'm
Terrified that I might be the next homocide, the pound is on my side.


Niggas be all in my face like government be in my check, every time I Pick up the
Mic and begin to wreck. But right now my job is more important than a Nigga,
I'm in to peace, its so tricky this ain't the way I figured. An evident I wasn't
Raised that way, we kicks a grip to stay that way, and I'm tryin' to Stay "forever
Free," like AZ... baskin' in the riches of this hip hop M U S I C. 'Cause when the
East is in the house, "Oh My God!" Is right. I know girls that's givin' Niggas fair
Fights, so you damn right. Ima stick up for mine, like a queen at a bee, And Ima
Get my own rythm wihtout a "G". Hey, if ya kiddie come come, well ya Need to
Run run, like a bee yall get stomped, by my diggy dumps dumps, all Because of ya
Tounge. And I'll be lampin' in the sun when the day is done.

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