Beautiful Thing Testo

Testo Beautiful Thing

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Yeah the neighbours beem complaining again
they say the shouting never ends
we got a love hate kinda thing
from sunshine to hurricane
but just every now and then
there´s a magic that gets in
Yeah you just gotta touch my skin
in to utopia we decend
Yeah this love burns with a fire
passion and desire


We gotta thing we can´t explain
from heaven to hell and back again
like a las vegas rain
we gotta beautiful thing
we got flashes of perfection
shining brighter than the heart of the sun
It´s kinda insane, it´s a beautiful thing

Every law of love is defied
we never give into compromise
Yeah that´s the beauty of you and I
we stand together on different sides
Yeah this love burns with a fire
passion and desire


We have been cursed by this blessing!
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