Timeless Testo

Testo Timeless

Timeless, Timeless!
this place is jumping, jumping, jumping,jumping Everybodys here and its like we Donald trumpin,trumpin,trumpin,Trumpin?
Throwing out stax like we dont give a damn Yeah,we gonna Money like that down be the name you can call my nasdag so, we running up this tap we get what we want or we send it right back
lets get the party stardet well keep it rocking c'mon c'mon c'cmon lets break the clocks tonight c'mon c'mon c'mon lets sive like flashing lights c'mon c'mon tonight its timeless timeless we gonna have some fun tonight ist timeless, timeless we gonna have some fun
oooooo timeless timeless ooooo timeless timeless
We get crazy crazy crazy crazy we dirty dancing im partick swayze,swayze,swayze, swayze?
Filling me cup while my living alright
and yeah, we gonna all night rocking my shades cause my futures so bright yeah we about to take flight top of the world everything is alright
Timeless, Timeless, Timeless, timeless
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