Little Rich Working Class Oi-boy Testo

Testo Little Rich Working Class Oi-boy

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
How come skinhead oi boys have no work
I bet if they did they'd go berserk
Shut up about the working class
A job is no big deal
You all look like Hitler youth - good job
That's some appeal

You oi-boys and oi-girls have quite the scene
At shows you love to gang up and get mean
The ones I know were racist then
But that's all in the past
Excuse my not believing you
It's happened much too fast

Little rich working class oi boy
Little rich working class oi boy
Little rich working class oi boy

You look and act and talk like Nazi goons
If you truly cared you'd change your tune
The auro you exude tells everyone just how you feel
I don't buy your bullshit boys
Sorry, there's no deal

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