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Testo Following Xcluded

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
We offer you this new resistance
instead of pushing you into their acceptance.
Because the lat does not fit into our screen,
why would you waste your time on how you are seen?

We'll all go on thinking the same,
if everyone does it, you're not to blame.
If everyone does it, you won't be mistaken!

Do you get the lyrical joke of the mass(mess)?
Act with them and their test is what they want you to pass!
Their hypocrisy won't improve your life,
amplify your own truth, that's not what they prescribe!

I'm entangled by expectance no more,
once I cut the vines I fell down on the floor.
It's comfortable to know I can't drop anymore

I'll climb up and let my voice be heard,
got to speak up and amplify these words!

Go on.. let your life be diluted,
try all you can but to me..

Following, is excluded

No bottled elixir for violence our sleeping in,
just honesty to change the tide we're in!
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