Independent Testo

Testo Independent

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Hop after every popular ass,
or you won't have a personality of your own,
scream and shout for attention

Do you mind looking around,
or do you feel you should get wasted
so you say we think to much,
look in my we don't lose touch!
We've got this life and what we achieved

Our thoughts are spoken and will be received,
we are on this earth with a mission,
live your life in your way it's your decision

Independent from the popular ways,
living with a goal no wasted days
If you need a leader to give meaning to your life
reconsider that knife

Why are some of us guided by brainless sounds?
(shouting like monkeys)
Can you only follow your primitive instinct?
That's why you say we're wrong,
we're distinct This is the time to distinguish
from the melting pot and step away from the popular guy,
You are not!

This is what we stand for,
nothing less and nothing more,
separated from the cliché's
in our independent ways!
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