Let's Hope For Rain Testo

Testo Let's Hope For Rain

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I hope it's gonna rain, I hope it's gonna rain, on queensday
Then maybe you'll see that it is actually, not that important

To keep your fake reputation for your country,
it's useless to be afraid of what people are gonna say,
to spend lots of money on the decoration of town,
so everyone will see how delinquent you will be!

Like mindless slaves who decorate just for that one day,
for one person they don't even really know,
that one day everyone goes blind for that person who'll probably also thinks.
That it's senseless behavior for some people chauvinistic,
proud of their nationality!

Separating species while the proverb is, everyone is the same
But they make lots of money so don't mind
While their job is to be a good leader,
to be the person to look up to

But maybe that's just a sick dream and is everybody selfish
Too selfish to step forward, and make a difference
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