United Sweet Diversion Testo

Testo United Sweet Diversion

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Progression in society blinds the wise and feeds the children new
gadgets and tools to trample the same path each time The cycle is
not to abandon else diversity will run out of the hands of those in
control Is this what we have still left? Progression in techniques
as our meadow Because we've got no more breading, for creativity
The autopilot is still on course Why would we complicate our
collective cause? Evolution or the one to rule them all, are too
short sighted to comprehend it all, we are prisoners in the heart and
in the mind. Technical progression is used as an index of what's
still to come, what we can find. To mask the face of our humanity so
we're blind When we're honest how easy is it to melt in with the
pack? The most of us don't even reach the point to step out of the
bus This mean of mass transport a synonym for our progression has
never let us to real satisfaction Please forget the stories of their
experimental bliss Once you confirm you'll be hypnotized become
a zombie of community life end your term, all for the profit and
benefits of the firm!
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