He Sees An Angel Testo

Testo He Sees An Angel

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
This is your time
One of the many
Times in your life
When I think you're pretty wrong
Wrong to believe it's over
When will you see
The beautiful angel he's made you to be
Just look up and open your eyes
He waits for the day
That you decide in him

All fears aside
Arms open wide
The glory and wonder
When he sees an angel
'Cause he sees an angel in you

Believe me when I say
That hope and love are everything
And we need nothing more
Than what we've got
Than what we need




('Cause what he sees)
('Cause what he sees)

'Cause what he sees is everything
'Cause what he sees is you

'Cause what he sees is you

Because what he sees is everything
Because what he sees is you
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