Daddy's Little Girl Testo

Testo Daddy's Little Girl

I'm thinking back to three years ago
i thought of making you go eat those words you said to me
watch you undress you're hysterical
i might be giving you the money but today
forgive me

daddy's little girl doesn't like the way i talk
she's a spoiled little girl gonna have to cut her off
because that's the way it goes with a spoiled little girl
i don't know when love is real
daddy's little girl she's so nasty in the sack
she's a crazy little girl got a habit coming back
because that?s the way it goes with a spoiled little girl
i don't know why love is not enough

i wish that i
was invisible
maybe then you'd never see me run away
i must confess i feel terrible
but lets not listen to those voices inside of me

a poster child of what we are
your hair your keys your brand new car
the love we share of melody
the life you lead
daddy's little girl
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