Proof 101 Testo

Testo Proof 101

Man you can hardly rip that wrapper off my album
After how you ask around you sound exactly like you found 'em astounding
Pattern decisions after this vision
Shattering, haveta listen
Rock habits like the Vatican practicing fact and fiction
Impact, collisions, magnifficant, raps wisdom
Assassin hits passin' battle kids, not laughing with 'em
Tattoing autographs to pass apache missions
Bring your writtens and the kitchen sink
Mastered lyricism
Her it is, and battlin' me's confessing an ass whooping fetish
Held the best efforts from Qwel, punkin' pessimists
The funk and festered in a nut shell
But what sucks sells
So best luck with your rep son
and best ups Qwel
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