Die, Rugged Man, Die Testo

Testo Die, Rugged Man, Die

Yo, ayyo, I don't care what the people say
I'm a piece of shit, I'ma live my life this way
I'm a total fuck up, my whole album sucks
I spent half my advance gettin cock sluts cocked up
If the bitch won't fuck she'll get chocked up
I went double platinum last month, then I woke up
When I was young I was a loser, but now I'm grown up
There ain't shit changed on, still broke as fuck
Oh, that there's the Rugged Man, he's a troublemaker
It's like work, Human Beatbox Bub will take ya
We double hate ya
See what these ??? are made of
Brought the dildo, you love the ???
At the Academy Awards with Angelina Jolie
Ask her, the winner is the White Trash O.G.
Rugged Man, ??? Mayweather, Shane Mosley
"That's that dirty motherfucker!", yeah, you know me!


Ayyo, some people believe I'm fucked in the head
Some people believe I'm better off dead
Parents please don't let your kids listen to me
They might break out in the school, pull they dick out
Pull the full feoff out
Be like "Mister School Teacher, I ain't gotta do shit now!"
(Sit down, you, sit down)
Yeah, I'm mad negative, you want positivity?
Buy a Mos Def and Talib Kweli CD
In the music biz, Rugged Man known for his freaks
Used to bring groupie bitches up to fuck Mobb Deep
I brought Biggie Smalls to the Long Island "Whore Pit"
He boned the bitch in the bathroom and broke the toilet
Yeah, you said it, I'm a little bit strange
I don't think rational, I got no brains
I'm the last american hero
Real weirdo, real zero
Real deal, "Die Rugged Man!"


I'm like John Rifkind, stickin Nicole Kidman
Fist fuck, stick my whole fist in
I'm crazy but they won't listen, these hoes are trippin
Go diggin hoes, coke up they nose sniffin, I'm cold pimpin
Oh, I am the one that they say is crazy
Make way, the R.A. hateway
Make sure they pay, may lay
They say we crazay, make way (make way)

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