Gohst Dance Testo

Testo Gohst Dance

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Bi polar neutronic energy stream
Lit me to space pass the end of my seams

Lost to a void where all spirits dance free
Cast myself to a place of no cry's, laughs or screams

At a left from a sun took a chance that I might find you
In a space in a sea swirling down in an endless stream
Emptiness is one not a star or a sun I'll find you
I'll find you.

Lost in a ghost dance
A ghost dance of dreams

Light years roll by day after day
Star systems pass quickly fading away

Soul spirits dance to holding their kin
Plasmatic morphine the darkness were in

Reached the edge touched the face of God asked where I could find you
All the good here are dead swirling round in a heavens sea
Screamed to my lord tell where, where can I find you
I'll find you

Locked in a ghost dance
A ghost dance of dreams

Dances of the dead in my wake as they spray surrounds you
Remnants of worlds and of loves gone sail on by
In my memory it stays caught a face in the haze I found you
I found you
I found you
I found you

Embraced in a ghost dance for eternity
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