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Testo Hidden Track

No thanks No more No love I'm done I've had enough You're going off with her and I wish that I was but there's another 'can be' just because Alright Be on your way The kindest thing to say is not that you are falling for me say you'll come back to my arms again someday Oh baby write some words about me how you can't shut me out how you must find a way to see me one more time one more time and please call up all your friends and tell them it can't end you don't know what you'd do if you lost her and lost me too That's fine That's good That's nice I understand the price the cost of craving dark instead of light I flip the coin to see if you still care tonight My blood my hand my soul I throw them under you without control the things i freely give you stole and now I'm left in pieces Oh baby tell the world about me the way you won me over in a city you can't remember You think it was September sweet September Oh baby, well it's alright I know she needs you more than I do and I wouldn't win this fight but there's one thing that you've gotta do.... You've gotta tell the world about a girl you once knew Oh she wasn't meant to be but you fell so very deeply in love.... with me ...to all the girls he's loved

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