Cool Water Testo

Testo Cool Water

Something about today
Is different babe
Than all my other days
Before I met you
Before I let you inside my world
Nothing about tomorrow
Is gonna scare me, no
'Cause I've got you to hold
It feels so good, just to know you're mine
To feel your love
It feels just like

Cool water
On my face
When I'm out on a sunny day
With my flip flops on
You're the breeze on my toes
I want you to know that
It's just like Christmas morning
Every night
When you're holding me tight
It feels so good to love someone
When you are the someone I love

Just thinking about the way
It all fell into place
When I saw your face
It was perfect
It was worth it
To wait for you
Some people never
Get to feel like this
Or what I would've missed
By giving up on a love this real
I'd never know your kisses feel like

(Repeat Chorus)

I could've fallen for anybody
But not just anybody
Could make so happy go lucky
Oh it must be the way that you love me

(Repeat Chorus)

It feels so good to love someone
It feels so good to love someone
When you are the someone I love
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