If You're Gonna Leave Me Testo

Testo If You're Gonna Leave Me

J Ax e Fedez tornano con Assenzio
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Here you go again crying wolf, talking trash
Straddlin' the dence
Always lookin' for the greener grass
Never satisfied
If you really want to, go ahead and walk out
Don't let the front door hit you where it counts
Baby, bye-bye

If you're gonna leave me, baby
If you're gone go, stay gone
If you're gonna leave me, baby
You better leave me alone

Picking up the welcome mat, flipping off the porch light
Turning off the ringer, closing up all the blinds
Changing the locks on the door
So don't come a knockin' when you start regretting
'Cause your sweet-talking ain't welcome here no more
This time you better be sure

Repeat Chorus

Don't call my sister
Don't call my mama
Don't call my best friend
Even if you wanna
'Cause they're done with you too

Repeat Chorus
  • Guarda il video di "If You're Gonna Leave Me"
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