Control Testo

Testo Control

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Will you be first to catch more than my attention?
Answer that with a series of related questions Could I become something permanent?
Something more, something more
We were young, I was scared, now I'm braver Now I'm strong, now I belong Have I changed for the worse, for the better?
You're the one who could have made me stay I lost control until I found it in her eyes But she doesn't know about the acting and the lies So I go home with track four on repeat Should I turn around? Turn around She's got me running in circles And you could call me crazy, or in love, or in love Don't tell me that it's not enough to write another song for love, or drive another thousand miles for you You could call it "obsession"
I could make a confession
We're nothing more than miles apart
You've got me running in circles
You spin me round and around
I lose control of my heart
When you spin me round and around
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