Catch 22 Testo

Testo Catch 22

Vasco Rossi, il Live Kom ‘016 parte da Lignano Sabbiadoro
Whats gangsta, in my humble opinion, whats gangsta is knowledge, spilled out on the track (talking)

Tell me who are we really when we don?t know our history, what good is the church for when you cannot trust the priest, guess the lies are easier to swallow than it is to face the truth but the struggles of tomorrow are the same ones as the past. Wishing I could prophecy, or perhaps just fade away for brand new better day so until my dying day

Living life like a catch 22 (yea ? yea yea)
For every step I try to take yet they wanna push me back (yea ? yea yea)
I aint worried about it see, cause I can handle that (yea ?yea yea)

If the sidewalk could speak it would tell you how (blood is thick)? while little girls were playing double dutch and look outs were guiding the police, While they restored the projects (why) for the inside to remain the same,(why) cause if it looks brand new to me and you we won?t feel the need for change, its got me pasing back and forth on concrete, Wishing I could prophecy, or perhaps just fade away so until my dying day


This one is for (my profess)? that don died way to soon in the same block with the cracked rocks and another closed down school. For all the precious babies with fathers locked down with fake crime, for the sleep walking and blind chilling on (ice slain by the mind)? (wake up) I ain't gonna settle, no change is going to come, to each one reaches one (teach one), my word ain't done, am gonna keep on living

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