Hello Love... Testo

Testo Hello Love...

Some people make music for a moment, I make music for a lifetime
And now that you're tuned in to the frequency, I'd like to welcome y'all
I go by the name of the R&B Hippie, Neo-Soul Rockstar, Raheem DeVaughn
Aayyy, turn me up

And this music if for the people and... I hope it inspires you to... Love (love, love)
Love (love, love)
And if you jus got off your cell phone from callin about 20 people, lettin' 'em know it's finally here, well that's Love (that's love, that's love)
Yeah, that's Love (that's love, that's love)
And if you conceive a baby with ya old lady to track number seven, tryna find "Mo' Betta" ways to find that "Four Letter Word", well that's love (that's love, that's love)
That's Love (that's love, that's love)
And if you buy five more copies every time the holiday rolls around, cause they make good stocking stuffers (ha haa) then that's Love (that's love, that's love) that's Love
Yeah that's Love (that's love, that's love)
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