Binbags For All Its Worth Testo

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Testo Binbags For All Its Worth

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Take me back
Where do I come from?
Take me back
Where do I belong?
I could hammer on the door no reply anymore
No reply
Oh fuck no reply

Sitting by the gutter
Passing off the time
I'm fuckin' glad to be here not now
By the gutter no reply
No reply, no reply, no reply
Oh fuck no reply

I don't know why I stand here anyway
You never listen to a single word I have to say
It doesn't matter you only brought me up


Take it out on me
Like you always do
I don't know why I came back
Just to see you like I do
You throw it back in my face
I don't know why I tired
Guess I been thrown out now
For all the times I lied

Binbags n all, binbags n all, binbags n all
Oh fuck binbags n all
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