Bastard Sons Testo

Testo Bastard Sons

Run from me run from the home you know.
Pray for me pray for this hollow heart.
Curse like a sailor you lie like a prostitute.
She was the damsel in distress and I felt fine
As I lured her in with everyone of your hollow lines.
Now everyone welcome to our party, bow your heads and pay your dues.
Cherish the time that we've spent together.
Soon enough we will all be dead.
This is arrogance at it's very best.
Jealousy is the noose around your neck.
While you're choking on every word you've said.
Just remember who taught you all of this.
She made the bed in which we lie.
Adultery is the highest form of flattery.
I am the maker. I am the lover. you are no one.
you are nothing.
Tell me am I the only one you have eyes for.
You are the bastard son that I will never love.
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