The Devil On Your Shoulder Testo

Testo The Devil On Your Shoulder

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Imagine a world where corruption feeds the hungry
I'm finding that it cannot be done
When all you have left to lose is your family
Do you wait on our sons to control our history?

You said, "I'm no stranger, I don't live in this world alone"

We all bare the devil on our shoulder
Wishing on paper weights instead of boulders
But these dreams are hard to come by
Wishing on four leaf clovers

We climb in fear, we climb in near, we climb in fear to God...

Imagine a world where salvation is only a gift you buy in stores
I'm finding that it's true, oh no...
When all you have left to lose is your mystery
Do you wait to become part of the history?

You said, "faith is dead and money can grow on trees"

Where's the soul?
Oh, heaven we need you here

Don't bury this all inside just to give it all away
You signed your name in blood to the devil on your shoulder
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