Perfectly Broken Testo

Testo Perfectly Broken

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
First came the shock then came
the pain. Then came the waves
and washed the pain away. The
TV, magazine and DVD, you ego
wannabe, want to be on TV.
Secondly , and remember this
perfectly, that even though you
disagree I feel free to tell everyone
about you and me and the stupidity
that lays deep within.
Sitting here in my locked up living
room. Trying to find a good TV-show
to consume. But as I lay my pride
aside the fury rises inside. And
I can't hide that I'm angry, and I
must admit that I feel sorry, for you
and everyone around you. Call it
friendship or not.

I remember this perfectly, even
though that you disagree. And I
must admit that I feel sorry and
totally broken. You can take these
lines and make them open up your
eyes or you will stay blind.

Do you have a problem understanding
me. I'm begging you, almost down
on my knees. You have to agree that
we need to let it be.
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