You Ignore Them All Testo

Testo You Ignore Them All

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
The conflict has been fierce from
the start. Too many people a lot
of brain and a lot of heart. Building
the foundation of violence to be.
Bloodstain on the VCR, radio
and the TV.
Acting like we didn't see this
coming. Ignoring all the bombings
and the war with the king who's
pulling the strings. He's on top
of the food chain but without
the wings.
I can't live with this, need to take
a stand we need to resist. If nothing
really happens I'm truly ashamed
and I might start a riot and take
full blame.

Sending your judgements on the
weaker, poorer, sicker you ignore
them all because you're smaller and
you want to put yourself high up in
the sky, can I ask you why.

I know I should be better but I
cannot take this shit I'm just a stupid
guy I'm the first to admit. You say
you have no part. I'm not gonna buy
it. The same type of lie, I got a big
supply of it.
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