Leave The City And Come Home Testo

Testo Leave The City And Come Home

So here you are in hoxton two years on
Since you left that little nowhere that you're from
First few weeks you stayed with your ex
Same old arguements but without the sex

Now you're renting down the road its not so cheap
Every weekend police state in the street
Wiry looking kids hoods up eyes down
Weave their bIkes through the arty crowd.

Now they're squaring up
"What phone you got bruv?"
Yeah they're gonna give you grief
But you still get home in one piece

In the party your mates spot a celebrity
But your not fussed by the gay guy off CBBC
Limos ferry hen nights to the west end
The night is dragging its heels till the end

Now he's in your face
"Got any drugs on ya mate?"
You get out for some peace
Still get home by half-three
Now you're home
Crashing out in your coat
Jet lag from the night bus
Planning your escape

No point trying to act all hard
As the kids take the piss as you walk past
No sane place left to go
Your mates wanna try and stop this agro

Now you tear it up
Just need one night off
Get out of this in one piece
And come home for some sleep

Now you're home
Crash out in your coat
Jet lag from the night bus
And plan your escape
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